Part Two: Lack of Free Speech in Canada – Interview with Frances Widdowson


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Last week, in part 1 of her interview with Barry, Frances spoke about actions and ideas that led to her being fired by her long-term employer, Mount Royal University. This week, in part 2 of the interview, Frances delves into some of the work by her and other researchers* that became scrutinized by woke activists; for example, the fact that there is no evidence that 215 residential school children are buried in the apple orchard in Kamloops. She agrees, for humanitarian reasons, that such a claim needs to be investigated (to date, no excavation has taken place) because reason, evidence and logic should prevail. Without evidence, how can anyone determine if something is fundamentally true or not, yet the woke stance is simply to let whatever oppressed group—in this case Indigenous—pronounce their own subjective truths however unscientific they may be. Frances is now working with various organizations to help people realize that academic universities could be on their way out and be replaced as activist entities if action is not taken now.

*Nina Green, June 2023: Probably the most important thing we now know about Kamloops is that 2,000 linear feet of trenches about 3 feet deep lined with clay tiles and running east-west were dug in 1924 as a septic field to dispose of the school’s sewage. Ground penetrating radar (GPR) cannot distinguish between a trench lined with clay tiles and a putative child’s grave. The GPR profile is very similar.

Source: The Kamloops ‘Discovery’: A Fact-Check Two Years Later – The Dorchester Review

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Check out Frances’ information links below:

Website: The Woke Academy – Exposing Totalitarian Identity Politics

Website: SAFS – Defending Freedom in Teaching, Research and Scholarship Website: Minding The Campus — Reforming Our Universities

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