Political Policing – Interview with Donald Best


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The evidence given at the Public Order Emergency Commission hearings by the police makes it very clear that there was no need for more powers to deal with the Trucker Freedom Convoy.  Politicians have no business telling the police what they are to do yet that is what happened in Ottawa during the Trucker Freedom Convoy.

Barry’s guest, Donald Best, a former Toronto Police investigator, holds nothing back in his strident assessment of the failure of the politicians to stay out of the way and let the police do the work that they were required to do. 

Police are required to respect each citizen’s Charter rights even if they are denied by the politicians.  Mr. Best fears that the politicization of the police creates a dangerous situation going forward for the law-abiding citizen.

Not all the police were on board with the use of the Emergencies Act but some gave inside information to “the other side”.  If Best were in charge, he said he would have those police officers arrested! If they were opposed to the government orders, then they should have kept quiet and not showed up to work.   

On the other hand, the overreach of the police during the Convoy undermined the public support of law enforcement.  “It almost seemed that the police forgot about the rule of law, forgot about Peel’s principles of policing, and the law itself and they did whatever the elected officials told them to and that is a prescription for totalitarianism.  It’s terrible!  And, we saw that.”

The independence we give our police to do their jobs is one of the reasons why our police are not corrupt as police forces are in other countries who take orders from the politicians.  We are not to allow the politicians to direct the police.  “[Politicians in this country] only mouth that they don’t but they always try all the time.”

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