The Government’s New Hammer: Bill C-63 Online Harms Bill


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A child with a hammer sees everything as a nail. Nothing is off limits to that child. A child with power can do a lot of damage. You know. You have seen the school yard bully yourself as a child. They have no remorse for the pain they inflict. They just laugh.

Jordan Peterson’s recent National Post op-ed points out that 5 % of the population consists of those with the “Dark Tetrad personality traits — the manipulators, narcissists, psychopaths and sadists” who are now given the hammer of the internet — where they “can give full expression to their worst impulses online, invading every space of commentary with their purposefully hurtful, bitter and vengeful provocation, aiming precisely at spreading the grief and misery their vengeful souls wish to perpetrate on the world.”

There can be no doubt that protecting the public from such individuals doing their worst online is laudable. These people need to be bridled so that they are unable to run havoc in our society. Evil has been given full sway online and it does not stay online. It often manifests itself in our streets. We have reason to be concerned about online hatred.

However, is Bill C-63 the Online Harms Bill the appropriate tool to address the problem? Or, is it itself a hammer given to government that will now see everything as a nail?

This is the first video of many Barry is making on the dangers of Bill C-63. This is a Bill that simply must not become law. It must be stopped in its current form. You can help!

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