Transhumanism – Interview with Scott Ventureyra


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What happens when you start a conversation to talk about objective truth but end up digging deep into the issue of transhumanism?  Find out as you listen to Barry’s latest guest Scott Ventureyra.  It is a fascinating discussion as the conversation goes into the origins of transhumanism.  This is part one of a three-part conversation Barry had with Dr. Ventureyra.

Scott Ventureyra completed his Ph.D. in philosophical theology at Carleton University/Dominican University College in Ottawa. He has published in academic journals such as Science et Esprit, The American Journal of Biblical Theology, and has also written for magazines such as Crisis Magazine and Convivium and newspapers such as The National Post, City Light News, The Ottawa Citizen and The Times Colonist. He is the author/editor of COVID-19: A Dystopian Delusion: Examining the Machinations of Governments, Health Organizations, the Globalist Elites, Big Pharma, Big Tech, and the Legacy Media. His website is:

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