We Have All Failed Our Democracy – Brian Peckford


The Honourable Brian Peckford’s, P.C., second visit on Freedom Feature centres around the importance of maintaining our democracy. Mr. Peckford reminds us that it requires a lot of engagement from the public which has fallen short. If we are to maintain our freedom we must do better.

Our discussion began with the Public Order Emergency Commission; his proposal for a Canadian Magna Carta; his thoughts on Queen Elizabeth II, and his teaser that there will be an announcement soon on a “full scale inquiry” on what happened over the last 2 1/2 years.

Public Order Emergency Commission

The Commission is reviewing the federal government’s invocation of the Emergencies Act. Mr. Peckford says there are a lot of problems with the Commission. Among his concerns are, first, it is the government reviewing itself. It is not an independent body. Second, the terms of reference highly favour the government’s telling of the story against the truckers. It is not allowed to express any conclusion regarding the civil or criminal liability. No discussion of the seizing of the bank accounts.

You may find more on Peckford’s his blog on the POE Commission here: https://peckford42.wordpress.com/…/canadas-emergencies…/

Canadian Magna Carta

Peckford advocates for a “Canadian Magna Carta” that will require: First, an independent inquiry on whether the government’s vaccine mandates and lockdowns were necessary; Second, all political parties must open their books and publish audited financial statements; Third, no MPs, or members of Provincial or Territorial legislatures who broke the law can sit in the chambers; Fourth, private members bill in Parliament must be debated and voted within six months; Fifth, all superior court judges must meet established criteria and be subject to a parliamentary committee hearing and to full parliamentary vote which is final; Sixth, parliamentary committees cannot be shutdown until all business is completed and citizens who have relevant information are given the opportunity to speak; Seventh, all governments must have balanced budgets; Eighth, mandatory Civics course for grades 8-12; Ninth, the power of the office of Prime Minister must be reduced; and the PMO and Privy Council must not have more than 500 employees; Tenth, an annual First Ministers Conference outlining national priorities; Eleventh, the Supremacy of God and Rule of Law clauses of the Charter must be considered in all Charter cases; Twelveth, no international treaty can be signed that erodes Canadian sovereignty; Thirteenth, membership in an international organization must be conditional on Canada remaining a completely sovereign nation.

You may find more on Peckford’s Canadian Magna Carta here: https://peckford42.wordpress.com/…/magna-carta-for…/

Queen Elizabeth II

Mr. Peckford shared candid memories meeting members of the Royal Family and shares his thoughts on the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. He also expresses the view on the importance of maintaining the monarchy for Canada.

Special Announcement Coming

Mr. Peckford also informs us that an announcement is coming soon about a “full scale inquiry involving citizens of Canada to determine just what happened in the last two and a half years.”

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