This is part one of a two-part interview with author, Curtis McManus. Curtis discusses his book, Clio’s Bastards – which focuses on examining the discipline of history in Canadian universities as the point of entry for a much larger exploration of the intellectual, spiritual, and moral crisis confronting Western civilization today.

In this thought-provoking analysis, Curtis delves into the significance of history in our contemporary world. He challenges the notion that our cultural heritage has lost relevance in today’s society. Drawing from James Hunter’s concept of a cultural war, Curtis exposes how history has become a tool for political and ideological manipulation aimed at reshaping our culture.

By critiquing the current practice of historiography, he advocates for a traditionalist approach to studying history, emphasizing its value as an alternative perspective for university students. Curtis prompts us to reflect on what the next 10 years can teach us, urging a forward-looking mindset that learns from past failures. He laments the erosion of wisdom and knowledge transmission in education and states that the turmoil we witness in the world is a direct consequence of the education system’s impact.

Join us and listen to what Curtis has to share.

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