First Freedoms Foundation is pleased that Prime Minister Trudeau has revoked the use of the Emergencies Act.

The Foundation welcomes this news, and applauds the government for making the right decision to end the unprecedented and unnecessary state of emergency in Canada. Indeed, President and CEO Barry W. Bussey notes:

“we held from the beginning that the Act should not have been invoked in the first place. It damaged our country’s international reputation as a stable, free and liberal democracy. It shook the faith of Canadians in their institutions of government that used such a heavy-handed measure to remove basic human rights and to freeze the bank accounts of Canadians exercising their freedom of speech.”

This experience affirms the importance of continuing to let our elected officials know what we think. There is still power in being united as we each take an active role in the democratic process! The Foundation is thankful to every citizen who shared their views with the government.

At the same time, there is much left to do. The wounds and divisions created over the last two years, and exacerbated over the past few weeks, will not be easy to heal.

It is vital that we learn from these experiences in order to ensure they are not repeated. Now that we have seen how vulnerable our fundamental freedoms are, we must remain vigilant. At First Freedoms, we hope that, in addition to the parliamentary review committee on the Emergencies Act, a Royal Commission will be called to investigate the government’s handling of the pandemic as a whole.

We also hope that you will continue to stand with us to defend the principles of freedom, respect, openness, and integrity. As a nation, we will need these qualities as we each seek to restore hope, repair relationships, and rebuild trust in our institutions. Let us work together towards a freer and better future!